2010 - 2014 Ford Raptor Rear Hydraulic Bumpstop System

2010 - 2014 Ford Raptor Rear Hydraulic Bumpstop System

ICON Vehicle Dynamics

Key Features:

•  Designed for increased leaf spring clearance so there is no loss in up travel with stock or aftermarket springs

•  Easy bolt on installation without having to remove the truck bed

•  6061 Solid billet cross bar that is polished & anodized

•  Bumpstop striker pad does not require leaf spring disassembly

•  Comfortable on road manners with sufficient damping capability under extreme load

•  Hydro-pneumatic bumpstop increases bump energy capacity

•  Velocity sensitive hydraulic bumpstop increases the amount of energy absorbed the faster it is hit

•  Reduces rear end kick and improves overall performance

•  Clamshell brackets strengthen frame in critical areas preventing frame damage from extreme off road use

•  Cross member and tension rods stabilize frame rails and prevent twisting under hard impacts

•  Increases frame rigidity and improves overall vehicle dynamics

•  Industry first billet cross beam

•  Pre-tuned and Nitrogen charged for most Ford Raptors

•  Integrated adjustability for future ICON Raptor specific products

Bumpstop Features:

• Linear-digressive piston which compliments a bumpstop over the industry standard linear-linear piston. Infinite tuning options with valve stack, oil volume, and nitrogen pressure adjustments

• CAD Plated body for corrosion free service

• Urethane rod seal and wiper for long service life

• User serviceable and tunable

Tech Info:

• Install time 2-3 hours

• Bed removal not required

• Leaf pack disassembly not required

System Components:

• (Qty - 2) 2.5" Travel hydraulic bumpstops

• (Qty - 2) Raptor specific mounting system

• (Qty - 2) Bumpstop striker pads

• Necessary hardware

• Installation instructions
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