2017 Ford Raptor Replacement Spindles

2017 Ford Raptor Replacement Spindles

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Sold as a pair w/ 2 stage Metallic Gray powdercoat

100% American Made

3D CAD Designed

Robust all plate construction out of 2" thick steel plate NOT 1" plates welded together.

Double Shear HD Tierod Tabs

Engineered to accept up 37” tires

Correct Steering geometry 

Final machined post weld for exact tolerances

Direct Factory Replacement 

Fits: 2009+ Ford F150/ Ecoboost / Raptor

***Requires 0 Offset Wheel*** 


One of the most common issues that Raptor owners face is stock spindle failure. OEM spindles were not designed to withstand the rigors of off-roading.  And as Raptor owners continue to push thier limits so will ROGUE RACING. This replacement spindle is the industry's first direct bolt on full plate Raptor spindle. One of the most commonly overlooked and crucial components to a proper and SAFE susupension system is the spindle or upright. Cast materials that stock spindles are made of were never intended to be welded, heated or bent, neither are they resilient to vibration. Our trophy truck style plate spindle is a necessity for safe off-roading.

The Ford Raptor is undoubtedly the most capable off-road production vehicle on the market, but it does have a weak point when it comes to off-roading: the Spindle. At Rogue Racing off-roading is our passion and we are constantly pushing the limits and boundaries of our vehicles., When we encounter a road block we don't look for a way around it we look for a way right through it. And that is what we did when we designed our Ford Raptor Suspension line. First thing was first though, we needed to design a spindle capable enough to handle off-roading and thats exactly what we did. We set out to work earlier this year tirelessly designing the strongest aftermarket spindle available. After the first generation of spindles were tested, we were very pleased, but we knew we could push ourselves even more and design an even lighter, stronger spindle. So where most would have been satisfied we pushed ourselves even further. After many protoypes and tests, we are confident our newest design is the absolute best solution available! It has been rigorously tested and we are pleased to say it surpassed even our expectations!

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