2017+ Raptor C.A.S. Coil Adjustment System
2017+ Raptor C.A.S. Coil Adjustment System

2017+ Raptor C.A.S. Coil Adjustment System

SVC Off Road
  • Up To 2.5" of  Lift
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Secure Mounting System

With the new 2017-18 Raptors in full swing, we have been hard at work the past few months developing new products, and improving on our current line-up of high performance products for Fords new flagship F-150, the 2017 Raptor. Ford stepped up their game on this truck with offering Fox 3.0 IBP coil-overs as a factory equipment. As great as these are going to be compared to the old 2.5 IBP shocks, Ford took away one of the main things that we all loved about the original shock, and that's the ability to adjust ride height. Now there is a solution that doesn't just offer you a simple one height fits all adjustment, such as mid or top perch, or adding a spacer. 

SVCOFFROAD has developed a hybrid system known as C.A.S. Coil-Adjustment-System. Our new C.A.S. System will turn your static front coil-over into a direct drop on threaded body coil-over, turning it into a true infinite height adjustable Coil-over as found on all aftermarket 3.0 Systems

The new C.A.S. System will allow the following:

- Infinite height adjustment up to original Top Perch height

- Allow for front end corner balancing


- Allow for finite front suspension adjustments to compensate for added weights. EX: if you add a heavy front bumper with a winch, or you add tons of lights, you don't limit yourself to just one height fits all.


- Designed to fit directly over coil-over just like the factory OE spring perch


- Manufactured in the U.S.A

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