About Us

Same Owners. Whole New Look!

Who is Raptor Addict?

Raptor Addict was established in 2010 and has been the retail leader of the Raptor modification market since the year the Ford Raptor was born. Raptor Addict has seen and dealt with just about every modification that has come to market and has worked with many manufacturers on development and ideas for these awesome trucks! We have seen it all. From product success, to product failure, we know the in's and out's of all the modifications available for the Ford Raptor. We have seen our customer's trucks develop into incredible machines, entering the world of true pre-running and even racing. Without a doubt, Raptor Addict is the main contact source for all Ford Raptor modifications and performance parts!

How It Started

Originally our Raptor was bought at the early stage in 2009. All that was thought about afterward was "what can we add to this vehicle?" The only issue was, we couldn't find anything back in that early time. So, we figured there will be more folks just like us, searching high and low for some really good add-on's. Raptor Addict at that point evolved, bringing what we like to call a "Raptor Product Hub" for all Raptor owners to come and see everything that is available for their new beast! The small amount of mods we originally started with, quickly evolved to a huge array of products from bumpers, to interior, exterior, all the way to racing suspension. All performance mods found on RaptorAddict.com have been tested through trial and error and have been perfected over the years of development.

We Are Always Here to Help

Raptor Addict is one phone call, or email away from delivering the advice and help you are looking for. We will always advise the best road to take for your truck builds, concluding exactly what you are aiming to do, whether it's for performance, outdoor recreation and so forth. Call, or email us anytime for advice and we will be here to help.

Big thanks to all of our valued customers for supporting Raptor Addict and making us the #1 Ford Raptor retailer on the web!


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