Rogue Racing 2010-2014 Ford Raptor SVT Cantilever Kit

Rogue Racing 2010-2014 Ford Raptor SVT Cantilever Kit

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The Rogue Racing Stage 4 Rear Suspension system takes the production based Ford Raptor to the ultimate level of off-road performance. This suspension kit is unlike any other kit available on the market today, with its unique design and ease of install it is exactly what Ford Raptor owners have been looking for. The cantilever based design offers customer 18" of rear travel by packaging a set of KING Race Series piggyback bypass shocks horizontally and neatly underneath the bed. This amount of performance and travel is usually only obtained through the traditional, bulky bed cage set up. With the Rogue Racing Rear Suspension kit, no cutting of the bed is required, and this is a feature that is more than appealing to Ford Raptor owners that do not want to sacrifice an already small amount of bed space, or that want to option of returning the truck back to stock.  And although no loss of bed space is certainly appealing, it really is not the primary reason behind the design. By running the shocks in this manner, less space is needed, and the shocks are able to be run at an optimal ratio. This means the shocks actually work more efficiently and effectively. The entire kit acts as a rear frame reinforcement and allows more control and constancy when it comes to off-road performance at high speeds.

In addition to the cantilever system the Stage 4 rear Suspension kit also contains many other key components that strengthen and optimize off-road performance.

The Rogue Racing Bump Stop Kit is one of the most essential off-road suspension components that the Ford Raptor needs. Our design strengthens the bed frame and allows for maximum up travel a whole 1 ¾” over the competition. Up travel is key and every inch counts. Paired with King 2.5 Air Bump Shock, this becomes the best performing bump stop kit available on the market.

The system also utilizes the Rogue exclusive Flit bracket kit & custom Deaver leaf springs. The configuration allows the rear leaf spring to be ran under the axle, or “sprung under.”

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